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jhunbarcalaDate: Friday, 2008-11-14, 6:32 PM | Message # 1
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"Praise the LORD, O my soul,and forget not all his benifits." Psalm 103:2

" My role as a musician carries a tough responsibility,one that requires my heart to be in a place of worship before Sunday morning." Day to day, I look for opportunities to point out the hand of God,either in a glorious sunset or a striking cloud formation. I also encourage myself and my wife to appreciate the beauty in the moment and connect that moment to the Creator behind it .
At times we break out the guitar or sit around the piano and sing together,sometimes we sing worship choruses."When we worship God with music, we are simply using a tool to help us connect to a living God.The book of Psalms provide all kinds of ways in which we can demonstrate or express our worship,such as singing,clapping,kneeling,dancing and playing musical instruments.
I remind my wife daily how blessed and fortunate we are................ (Ps.103:2). Remembering God's blessing is the key to a worshipping heart- a heart that desires to live a life of worship through singing,serving,loving and obeying.
We can decide to do these things and let the overflow affect others.Our example will remind those around us that there is a God worth knowing and that we were created for his pleasure and purposes.In that sense,we can all be worship leaders,musician by practicing gratitude and walking in fellowship with GOD.KEEP ON SERVING THE KING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

brok3nsil3nc3Date: Saturday, 2009-04-04, 8:37 AM | Message # 2
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Worship is our response to what we value the most. What we value most? is GOD!. We were made by Him and for Him. He is so awesome beyond our comprehension. We exist for the purpose of reflecting back to God, His matchless glory.

As for me, I will exalt Him with my songs and with my life for He is my Hope, my Joy, my Strength and my Salvation.
Psalms 28:7 (The LORD is my strength and my shield; My heart trusts in Him, and I am helped; Therefore my heart exults, And with my song I shall thank Him.)

Let us forever be amazed by what He has done, the greatest love that we could ever know that overcame the cross and grave to find our soul. - He is our SALVATION! Let us not stop knowing, trusting and loving Him because He has loved and chose us first.


I want share this article with you: Enjoy reading the powerful response of our worship to the King of Kings - Godbless you!


Sometimes a song expresses a simple concept in a way that unlocks powerful revelation. “Worship starts with seeing you” by Matt Redman was one of these for me when I first heard it. In particular the following lines:

‘no-one can sing of things they have not seen. Lord open our eyes towards a greater glimpse…… Worship starts with seeing you…..Our hearts respond to your revelation’

There is an awesome truth revealed in these lines that true worship is a response to God. Worship is not something which is simply stirred up or forced. It is the natural, heartfelt response which comes from an understanding of who God is and what He has done.

One of the biggest temptations when leading a congregation into worship is to focus on the response itself. There is a visible outworking when somebody worships God - whether it is being joyful, clapping hands, shouting, being lost in awe and wonder, or simply smiling! However if we try through our own efforts, techniques, or even the way we play our music to simply produce a response we will either struggle or have times of worship that are empty and dry.

God wants more than a religious tradition or an inbred pattern of behaviour. God wants us to know Him. He wants us to know his character and His nature: That He is an all-powerful, omnipotent God, a loving Father, and a merciful saviour who has set us free.

So, how can we have awesome worship?

I don’t claim to have all the answers but I think the following things all help:

1. Have good songs which declare real biblical truth about God
2. Make good use of scripture concerning who God is and His promises to us
3. Give people reasons to respond rather than just instructing them to shout, clap, raise hands etc.
4. Don’t berate people if they’re struggling to worship. Teach them about God, encourage them to have faith in His word and respond with a joyful heart.
5. Overflow: Know God personally, be joyful, and model what it means to let that joy overflow in our worship
6. Most importantly, let’s be a people who seek earnestly after God and pray that we might know more of his life and presence in our churches.

This article is from :

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